WSM Organics Processing

High capacity grinders, screens, and systems

WSM Organics Processing, industrial grinders, trommel screens
WSM Organics Processing Systems
WSM Organics Processing Systems
WSM Titan Horizontal Grinder
WSM screens for Organcis Processing
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WSM Complete Systems for Organics Processing

WSM organics processing systems for industry

A WSM Organics Processing System starts with pre-shredding or batch feeding of incoming waste material followed by high volume screening with WSM’s high capacity Titan Trommel. Then material is sorted to remove metals, plastics and other recyclables.

The final step is high speed grinding, using WSM’s Titan Grinder. The result? A single-pass system delivering finished organic feedstock for compost or AD – thanks to simple but robust processing machinery from WSM. It’s a complete, integrated system with WSM engineering and technical services to insure a smooth installation and start up.

WSM BioPrep

Organic waste processing is a part of West Salem Machinery’s exclusive BioPrep system technology. Our 65 years of field experience help you from site preparation, engineering, manufacturing, delivery, build, testing, to startup.

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WSM organics processing
WSM organics processing grinders for industry
WSM organics processing industrial horizontal grinders
WSM organics processing horizontal grinders

WSM Screening for Organics Processing

WSM industrial screening equipment organics processing

Screening for Organics Processing WSM’s complete line of screening equipment helps reduce maintenance and operating costs by screening organics/soil/dirt and already sized product prior to grinding, as well as further maximize fiber value with precise classification of products after grinding.

See more about our Disc Screens, Oscillating Screens, and recently introduced Titan Trommel which has set a new industry standard. WSM Screens can reduce energy and maintenance costs on grinding systems by 50 percent or more.

WSM Key Components for Organics Processing

Organics Processing Key Components WSM key components make organics processing reliable, less labor intensive, and more profitable. Years of field experience have gone into the features that will make your operation more reliable and able to handle a wide range of incoming feedstocks — green waste, food waste, C&D, urban wood, limbs, brush, grass clippings, leaves, and shrubs. These tough and reliable mill duty grinders deliver high quality compost, soil amendments, biogas, or biofuels.

WSM Horizontal Grinders, Vertical Grinder and Industrial Screens.

WSM Titan Horizontal Grinders process high volumes of diverse types of organics waste including green waste, food waste, and mixed waste into valuable finished fiber products.

The WSM Titan is a massive stationary grinding system with heavy-duty multi-strand drag chain infeed conveyor, large diameter powered feedroll, and fully proportional load sensing feed controller for efficient feeding of material into the grinder.

See Titan Grinders in detail

WSM Horizontal Grinders offer a full range of machine sizes for processing – from 1 - 150 tons per hour, delivering superior processing performance while minimizing horsepower and maintenance requirements.

The horizontal feed allows for processing of large, bulky material at a metered rate to help maximize capacity.

See Horizontal Grinders in detail

WSM Vertical Grinders are a great option for processing shorter incoming feedstock with a smaller installation footprint. The same rugged construction and maintenance friendly features ensure reliable performance, minimum maintenance, and a consistent product size.

See Vertical Grinders in detail

WSM Shredders are ideal for secondary grinding for finer products like compost, soil amendments, biogas and biofuel. Our 42 Series Shredders are severe duty hybrid hammermill/grinder designed for effective reduction of a wide range of material.

See Shredders in detail

WSM Organics Processing Systems
WSM Organics Processing Systems
WSM Titan Horizontal Grinder
WSM screens for Organcis Processing

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