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Greenway Recycling Saves Money While Reducing Downtime and Maintenance Costs

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At the Portland based Greenway Recycling, developing personal relationships is the key to building a lasting partnership. “I’m a strong believer in building relationships with people face-to-face,” says cofounder Terrell Garrett. “I really enjoy the idea that there could be a personal relationship so I know who to call.”

As a customer of West Salem Machinery for 12 years, Garrett knows that when his business needs helps, WSM will be ready to answer the call. Says Garrett, "I enjoy the relationship I’ve developed with West Salem.”


Big Disasters Require Fast Responses

When large tramp metal caused catastrophic damage to Greenway’s West Salem Machinery 4864 horizontal grinder, the business faced a serious hurdle getting production back up and running. “We hit a track pin off a 450 excavator and it did a huge amount of damage to the machine,” explains Garrett. “It was midsummer, our busiest time of year. So we called up West Salem for help.”

With the livelihood of his business at stake, Garrett was relieved to find the assistance provided by WSM went above and even beyond his expectations. “West Salem dropped a bunch of other work to supply us with parts, replaced what the machine needed, and put the grinder back together for us.”

Even though the disruption in production was limited thanks to WSM’s quick assistance, Garrett knew that repairing his grinder was only a temporary solution. “We sat down with West Salem and said ‘This is going to happen again.’ We have a huge tramp metal problem, in spite of having a picking line right in front of our grinder.” Greenway needed a more permanent solution.



Difficult Problems Require Unique Solutions

The relationship built between Greenway and WSM enabled the two companies to agree on running a joint experiment. West Salem Machinery would develop a new hammer system for Greenway’s grinder that would hopefully prevent serious damage from occurring when the machine hit metal again in the future. Greenway would run the machine and let WSM know how it performed and what improvements, if any, were needed.

Once the new hammers were installed and the grinder was up and running, it didn’t take long to find out that the experiment was a success. “Within three weeks, we hit another piece of metal that would have wiped out the machine again. But the new style hammer saved us,” recalls Garrett. Over time, further modifications were made to the grinder to make it the perfect solution for Greenway’s processing needs. “Over the years, we have made changes to the machine to make it exactly what we needed. It’s amazing the amount of damage the grinder can now withstand. We’ve ground sheets of ¼ inch steel that were disguised as wood; we even ground a manhole cover.”

West Salem New Hammer System for the Horizontal Grinder Provided Lasting Results

The improved durability and production of WSM’s new system for the grinder not only successfully eliminated costly downtime for Greenway, the machine has improved the business’s profitability as a whole. “Before I bought the grinder, my damaged parts bill was averaging $57,000 a year. Now we’re about down to $10,000,” explains Garrett.

“By moving from a non-industrial to an industrial-sized machine, we save probably a month a year in downtime. The situation I was in before West Salem was untenable; we had to do something. Now, our cost per ton is within reason, and we run the biggest wood hammer mill in the Portland metro area.”



A Partner You Can Trust

Thanks to the working relationship developed by both Greenway and West Salem Machinery, both businesses benefited by applying an innovative approach to find a solution to a common problem. “West Salem has been great to work with, and we have done some innovative things together,” says Garrett. “It’s been a great working relationship. When everything went crazy, West Salem stepped up.”