Pallet Grinding

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Animal bedding, boiler fuel, mulch, and particleboard furnish

WSM machines are engineered and manufactured with consistent high quality end product in mind.

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WSM knows Pallet Grinding

WSM offers high volume fiber processing systems with Horizontal Grinders and other wood waste grinder machine. WSM provides effective solutions for converting expensive wood waste into marketable wood fiber. Used in combination with screening, conveying, and metal separation machinery to deliver a finished wood fiber product in a single pass.

For lower volume applications WSM offers the Hopper Fed Low RPM Grinders, specifically designed for pallet recycling applications and provide low noise and low horsepower operation for ease of installation and low maintenance. 

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HTS Hopper

“The performance and quality of our WSM pallet grinding system has exceeded my expectations. A company in the market for one would be foolish to look anywhere else.”

Fred Bracy, General Manager
Bennett Box & Pallet

Your end product is our starting point


WSM’s approach to product development and testing always starts with the end product in mind –the finished product that meets the customers needs, combined with the best machine or process solution that converts the incoming feedstock into the finished product in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

How do we get there? By using the unbeatable combination of field/application experience, in-house testing, and innovative design staff – learning fast and applying what we learn – to correctly design, size, and improve our machines and systems to insure successful installations.

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